Today, there is a large number of extensions on the Internet that help users take screenshots, add notes, or record videos from the screen. The question arises, which among all extensions is the best one? Although there are many extensions available, very few of these extensions have  useful functionality, do not contain bugs and most importantly – can run tests from the simplest to the complex, which greatly simplifies the work of users that just want to record something or software professionals that want to test their online applications. This is exactly what makes Fintest Pro an appealing option as it contains the tools to capture screenshots and videos, but also provides the necessary tools to ensure you are building a quality web application. Moreover, Fintest Pro allows users to share captured/recorded data immediately thru various cloud services (such as Google Drive) and it is convinient and easy to use. In addition, our extension uses new technologies which perform tasks rapidly and adapt to any personal computer without losing efficiency or speed.