We continue working on adding new features and fixing bugs for our users. In this release we added a few new screenshot annotation enhancements:

Numbered Labels

These labels can be added to show steps or indicate a sequence on screenshots. Numbered labels are numbers inside circles that increment by 1 with evey new addition (simply click on screenshot) These labels can be added in any color, moved or resized. This feature is available on desktop, window, browser tab and area screenshots.


We’ve added image filters so that users can customize the way screenshots look. We have included the following settings:

  • Brightness, Contrast, Blur, Noise and Threshold are settings that can be adjusted on a sliding scale
  • Invert, Sepia, Grayscale and Solarize are settings that can be toggled ON and OFF

All settings can be reverted back to their starting value by clicking the reset option. For settings to take effect, the apply button must be selected. Filters are available on Desktop, Window and Browser tab screenshots.

Additionally, we have fixed several UI related bugs.