Why quality assurance matters

With the rapid development of the tech industry and numerous groundbreaking advancements, all aspects of our lives are changing. The process of global digitalization impacts various fields. If you develop software, you always have to consider quality assurance. QA must take place in terms of the entire development process. No matter what kind of product you create – a game, an app, an extension, a website, or whatever – thorough testing is a must. 


Andanced qa analysis tools for free

How to do testing

Before launching any digital product you need to make sure it works as supposed. The process of tracking bugs and making necessary fixes is a crucial step in development. The more complex features your product has the more rigorous tests you should do. Testing, in turn, requires effort and time as it usually consists of several steps. Wonder how QA is done? We’ve managed to bring some basic QA analysis tools to one extension. 

A set of QA analysis tools

You do not need to install numerous apps and extensions anymore because Fintest Pro has everything you need for successful testing. There are several QA analysis tools for testing accessibility, security, performance, tracking broken links, and more. File comparison is available too. The extension allows taking instant screenshots, recording videos, and making notes to highlight important information. The extension is highly popular among software testing specialists. 

Get the extension for free

You can get the extension for free. Download Fintest Pro and start the testing without any downtime. the process is fast and simple so anyone can do it. In case you want to get access to the advanced QA analysis tools, you can upgrade your plan to Premium or Expert. there is a 7-day trial period. The extension is regularly updated and fulfilled with new features. Keep up with us not to miss anything. Click here to download the extension right now!