When site performance test is done

Recent technology advancements have integrated into our life quickly and smoothly and turned it upside down. We’ve got easily used to it so today we cannot imagine life without the Internet and various gadgets. These innovative things are crucial for education, working, and even numerous social processes. For those who sell products or services, it is especially important to understand how to manage social networks and websites. Online promotion is crucial as today everyone spends most of their time surfing the Internet. 

How to perform testing

No matter what your industry is, consider the creation of your website. This will allow you to boost your brand awareness, present your product or service, attract more customers, and achieve higher retention and conversion rates. But building your website is a complicated process that requires considerable effort and attention to detail. Your task is not only to create a site but also to provide maintenance and support. Here a site performance test must take place.


When a site performance test is needed

Tools for QA testing

Quality assurance is an essential step in terms of any software development. When it comes to websites, you must never skip a site performance test. It’s necessary to ensure the pages respond quickly and render the content correctly. You have to create a website that is easily accessible and user-friendly. Otherwise users won’t waste their time waiting and just go for another alternative. To make the checking simple for you, we’ve developed a browser extension for advanced QA testing.

More about the extension

Fintest Pro is a set of tools for QA, namely for the site performance test. The extension brings together all the basic instruments you need to test the website’s overall performance. The tools are available for free yet you can upgrade your plan and get access to the premium features with a 7-day trial period. Check performance, accessibility, security, track broken links, and compare files using just one extension. Fintest Pro is regularly updated and enriched with new features. Click here to download the extension now!