Sorting is the process of regrouping a given set of objects in some specific order. Sorting is undertaken in order to facilitate the subsequent search for elements in the sorted set. There are plenty of web tools that help the customer to perform the list sorting for example, some of his/her files. Sorting list is one of the most useful functions that can help you to save your time and our extension is using this function. Fintest Pro also has a sorting function that allows the user to sort his resource feed according to selected criteria, which means that you can select the sorting order. How to sort resources in Fintest Pro? Everything is very simple! All the client needs is to click on the appropriate “Sort” button in the lower right corner of our resource feed. After that, a window will open in front of the user in which he/she will be able to select the criteria or attributes by which the program will be able to sort resources. In our case, we offer the client sorting in alphabetical order and vice versa and sorting by date, from oldest to newest and vice versa. After selecting the desired criterion, the user will need to click on the “Confirm” button, after which the program will run an algorithm that will perform sorting according to the specified parameters.

What is more, our company has two more services! One is called eezzee – the service for conversions. You can easily convert one of your PDFs to the format u need or you can convert the wanted file to the PDF format. The second service is called Fintest Software Testing Service. There we are offering you software testing services with guaranteed quality and the best price.