We’re thrilled to announce a significant update to our browser extension, introducing powerful new features aimed at enhancing your testing process. Here’s what’s new:

🎉 New Feature Highlights

AI-Powered Test Plan Generator
– **Create Test Plans with a Prompt**: Simply provide a prompt describing your application, and our enhanced AI generates a comprehensive test plan based on the IEEE 829 standard.
– **Question-Driven Custom Test Plans**: For more personalized and relevant test plans, answer a series of questions tailored to your application, and let our system do the heavy lifting.

Versatile Export Options
– **Export to PDF**: Seamlessly export your detailed test plans to PDF format for easy sharing and documentation.
– **Executive Summary Creation**: Generate a concise executive summary of your test plans to keep your stakeholders informed with just a glance.

🚀 Additional Enhancements
– Improved UI/UX for smoother interaction and navigation.
– Performance optimizations for quicker test plan generation.
– Robust error handling ensuring a smoother user experience.

📢 Get Started
Dive into these new features today and streamline your testing process like never before! Update your browser extension to the latest version and unlock these powerful tools.

Thank you for using our extension! Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping these updates, and we look forward to hearing how they enhance your workflow.

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Happy Testing!

The Fintest Team