The importance of QA

Groundbreaking advancements in the tech industry provide us with so many great opportunities. They are turning the entire world upside down. Today it is impossible to imagine life without the global network and various gadgets. they affect the way we study, communicate with each other, do business, and more. After all, no matter what your sphere is, being able to manage social networks and other helpful web-based platforms is a must. Consider the creation of your website, too. This is an efficient tool in terms of promotion, boosting your brand awareness, expanding your audience, etc. However, this also requires a good deal of attention and effort. It’s not only about website creation but also managing and supporting it. 

Perform a website speed test

A website must be thoroughly tested. Remember that your work does not stop once the site is completed. There are still many tasks to do and many goals to achieve. Quality assurance must be your priority. It is highly important to check the site’s overall performance, do a website speed test, make sure the pages render the content properly, and so on. Having such a wide range of options at their disposal, users tend to be very picky. They do not want to waste their time and wait. If a site does not respond quickly, they will abandon it and move on to the next one. To avoid this, take time for quality checking.

Tools for the website speed test

Quality assurance and website speed test in particular impact conversion and retention rates directly. Still don’t know how to test your website? We offer you an extension that will make this process much faster and easier. This extension brings together everything that you need. It provides basic tools for QA testing. Install Fintest Pro and get a number of benefits. By the way, you can install this extension for free. 

More information here

We provide a user-friendly set of tools for quality checking and a website speed test in particular so they can enjoy a fast and simple process. With Fintest Pro, anyone can perform a security or accessibility test,  find broken links, compare files, etc. You can download the result as a PDF file or save it to the resource feed for later viewing. Want access to advanced features? Upgrade your plan with a 7-day trial period and make use of the premium tools. Click here to download the extension now.