Why QA matters

Every day the world is getting more digitalized. Innovative technologies take over our life and become an integral part of it. The Internet and various gadgets are now essential for numerous processes. It is significant for promoting and selling products or services. Today you should be able to manage web-based platforms to attract the broadest audience. Reach your customers via social networks and your website. But first, make sure your website performs smoothly. QA is a crucial step in the process of any software development. 


check a website for free

How to check a website

Testing a website is necessary. Quality assurance is a complex process that involves several tests. It is required to check the site’s overall performance, estimate accessibility, test security, etc. In case you haven’t done it before and still don’t know how to check a website, we have the answer! We offer a convenient browser extension for quick and easy QA. 

Best tools for QA 

Fintest Pro is an easy-to-use set of tools for quality assurance. Applying this extension will enable you to check a website without any difficulties. There is everything you need – we’ve brought together all the basic QA tools in one place. Test accessibility, security, and website speed, track broken links, compare files, and do much more with Fintest Pro. Once the testing is complete, you can download the result to your computer as a PDF file or save it to the resource feed for a later view. 

Check a website for free

Now it’s possible to check a website for free. Just install Fintest Pro and start testing right away. It has a user-friendly interface and ensures smooth and fast work. For those who want to access the advanced features, we have the Premium and Expert plans. Upgrade your plan with a 7-day trial period and try advanced testing tools. The extension is constantly updated and enriched with new exciting features. Keep up with us not to miss anything. Click here to get the extension right now!