Quality assurance in the development

Mind-blowing advancements in the tech industry open a lot of great opportunities and change every aspect of life. There appear more digital products designed to facilitate numerous processes. Developers, working in various industries, come up with new and exciting solutions to please picky users with advanced products. However, the market is so competitive these days that delivering a product that will stand the competition is a real challenge. With such an extensive range of alternatives, you need to make sure your website, game, app, extension, or whatever performs smoothly and has no critical bugs. To ensure this, take time for software testing. 


A set of chrome developer tools for QA

Who does testing

Quality assurance is an integral part of any development cycle regardless of the software type you are working on. This crucial stage must never be skipped. You cannot launch a product provided you haven’t done rigorous testing. Consider that the more complex features the software has the more tests you should do. It’s necessary to check security, accessibility, performance, etc. Teams responsible for digital product creation usually consist of developers and QA specialists. The last ones are in charge of finding bugs and issues so the developers can then make the necessary fixes. 

A set of chrome developer tools for QA

What does a tester need for QA? Advanced QA tools. You no longer need to install numerous apps because we have brought together several basic chrome developer tools for QA. Install Fintest Pro and get everything you require at once. This browser extension is mostly popular among QA specialists. Fintest Pro allows taking instant screenshots, recording screen, making notes, tracking dead links, and comparing files. These are the features every testing expert needs. 

Perform free testing

What if we say you can get the chrome developer tools for QA for free? Just install the extension and start testing without any downtime. However, if you want to get access to the advanced features, you can upgrade your plan to Premium or Expert with a 7-day trial period. We constantly upgrade the extension and add new features. keep up with us not to miss anything. Click here to get the extension now!