Fintest Pro is an exploratory software test tool that allows testing professionals to capture information and share it with other stakeholders. It contains useful tools that help testers and users to take and edit screenshots, record computer screens, add notes, and more. This extension allows testers to reduce the time they spend in the testing process. All the tools in our extension have proper buttons, but isn’t it more convenient to use hotkeys on your keyboard instead of pressing the needed button? Of course, it is! Fintest Pro provides users with an opportunity to take a desktop screenshot, a selected area screenshot, an instant copy screenshot, and record their screen with a three seconds delay using hotkeys in windows. By default the hotkey for a desktop screenshot is Ctrl+Shift+Q, for a selected area screenshot is Ctrl+Shift+W, for an instant copy screenshot is Ctrl+Shift+E, and for recording the screen Ctrl+Shift+R. However, our customers can select the hotkeys utilities by themselves, they can search for this option in the settings tab. There they are able to manage hotkeys settings and choose the most convenient hotkey for themselves which is an incredibly comfortable feature of our product.

What is more, our company has two more services! One is called eezzee – the service for conversions. You can easily convert one of your PDFs to the format u need or you can convert the wanted file to the PDF format. The second service is called Fintest Software Testing Service. There we are offering you software testing services with guaranteed quality and the best price.