Hello everyone! How to screenshot on mac? Often, when working with a laptop, you need to take a screenshot in order to show it to other users. For example, to solve various kinds of errors, or when working together on a document/project. But not all users are able to do this right away. Either the keyboard does not have the coveted “Print Screen” button. Then you seem to press it, but nothing happens. So if there a simple way how to screenshot on mac?

How to take a screenshot in laptop?

Problematics with laptops

And so, as I said above, on almost any keyboard (classic type ) there is a key for taking screenshots. It is usually called “Print Screen”. In this article I want to describe to you in details how to screenshot on mac. But on laptops, most often, you can find some of its abbreviations “Prnt Scrn”, “Prt Sc” and other derivatives! Perhaps this is why many beginners simply do not realize that “Prt Sc” is the “Print Screen” … (usually the “Prt Sc” key is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, near the F12 button). And so, how to screenshot on mac?  – just press this button once! Everything that was on the screen will be saved to the buffer (i.e., to the computer’s memory). To “see” the captured screenshot – open Paint or Word, and then press the key combination Ctrl + V (this is the “paste” operation).

Fintest Pro and laptop screenshots

When working on a laptop, to place a screenshot in the clipboard, it is far from always enough to press one “Prt Sc” button (on some devices, the operation of this key is limited in the BIOS settings and this is how to screenshot on mac). Therefore, if you failed to make a screen in a first way, try pressing these buttons at the same time: “Fn + Prt Sc”. Fintest Pro also offers its users to capture desktop and take area screenshots. To do this just click on the “Screenshot” button and select the type of a screenshot you want/need to take. Our extension solves the problematics of the popular question: “How to screenshot on mac?”.