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Content: How to do a screenshot on mac

How to do a screenshot on mac

  • Almost every Mac OS user had once needed to capture his/her screen. Nevertheless, unfortunately, not all the users know how to do a screenshot on a mac. Therefore, in this article I want to introduce Fintest Pro browser extension to you. Fintest Pro – is an extension that helps its users to capture data with screenshots, videos or notes. What is more, we offer our customers an ability to run tests on the certain web pages. take a screenshot how to take a screenshot on laptop

Steps to take a screenshot

  • Therefore, to take a screenshot the client firstly needs to locate the “Screenshot” button. It is located on the very top of an extension. After clicking on it the submenu will open with all the types of screenshots that we offer. How to do a screenshot on a mac? Simple! Just select the screenshot type you need. There are three types of screenshots. First one is a desktop screenshot, second one is an area screenshot and the third one is an instant copy screenshot. See our other functions screenshot
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How to do a screenshot on a mac

Benefits of using our service

  • With our extension, the user can not only find out how to do a screenshot on a mac, but also edit the taken screenshot. To do that, the customer needs to enter an editor mode. There he/she can add rectangles, circles, arrows, text, emojis, blur the screenshot or crop it. What is more, if the client upgrades his plan, he/she will be provided with an opportunity to add another image on the screenshot. To capture the screen how to screenshot on hp laptop

Integrations – screenshot on mac

  • It is not a secret that almost every user needs to integrate a picture or a file with some media platforms. It is way easier to share the taken screenshot than download it and upload to the needed web resource. Our team offers our customers a lot of integrations that will simplify the clients work. Hopefully, this article answers the common question “How to do a screenshot on a Mac?” Users read here macbook screenshot