Version brings with it exciting updates to the Fintest Pro Extension. We’ve added more test tools, more annotation capabilities and fixed several bugs to ensure stability.

Web Page Checker

A new tool was added to our suite of test tools. With this tool, software professionals can monitor changes on web sites and web applications for changes and make sure that changes are relevant. With the web page checker tool testers can capture and save web pages and then compare them with subsequent versions of the same page or site. Multiple snapshots can be taken to track changes over time.

For more information, please consult our user guide.

Annotation Improvements

Capture the visible part of a web page

Users are now able to capture the visible part of a web page. For scenarios where a full web page is not needed, or if the browser should not appear in the screenshot, users can now select to capture only the visible portion of the page, and then add annotations as needed. This feature is also available through hot keys for quicker access.

Screenshot Zoom tool

We’ve added a new feature to our annotation tools – screenshot zooming. With this new capability, users can now zoom into or out of screenshots to ensure they have the right level of detail.