The latest release of Fintest Pro is introducing a brand new test tool for software testers and IT professionals. The new Performance checker analyzes web sites for various performance metrics, best practices, and returns a detailed report on how the site’s performance. Results include mobile and desktop perspectives, as well as recommendations on how to improve and enhance the site’s loading speed. To build this Performance checker, we leveraged an industry leading technology from Google – Google PageSpeed Insights. This integrations ensures that users get detailed, relevant and up-to-date information about the performance of their site. The PageSpeed Insights service from Google is an industry leading service that continuesly updates itself with the latest practices.

Performance Checker Capabilities

  • Analyze any URL that google has access to
  • Get detailed reports on each site for mobile and desktop browsers
  • Save results locally in the Fintest Pro extension
  • Compare results from historical scans to measure progress
  • Download results in PDF format
  • Results are fetched from Google directly to your local extension for increased privacy. We do not save or intercept any of the results.