When testing is done

The rapid advancements of the tech industry just turn the whole world upside down. It is getting highly digitized so people all over the globe spend most of their time online and use various gadgets and software on a regular basis. Numerous digital products are developed to facilitate different processes. Software development is extremely popular and demanded today. This affects many industries. Developers come up with unique and efficient solutions all the time and develop top-notch software. However, to develop a product able to withstand the competition, it is necessary to consider a lot of things. It’s not only about development but also software testing. 


Tool for web page speed insights

What are page speed insights?

No matter what kind of software you are developing – a game, extension, application, or just building a corporate website – testing is an essential step you must never skip. This is a time- and effort-consuming process that is highly important. To make sure your product is flawless, you have to do accessibility, usability, and security testing, apply a tool for page speed insights, and more.  

Tools for page speed insights

Any software is supposed to facilitate a certain process so does our extension! We’ve created Fintest Pro to make testing easier and quicker for you. This browser extension is a set of useful tools for web page speed insights and many other tests. We’ve brought together the basic instruments any QA specialist needs so that you no longer have to install any additional app or extension. The service is also convenient for making instant screenshots of a required format, recording screen or webcam, and adding notes. 

Get the extension for free

You can get Fintest Pro for free. Install the extension and start the quality control right away! There are also a few more advanced features. To get them, upgrade your plan to Premium or Expert with a 7-day trial period. Find more details on our website. Click here to install Fintest Pro right now.