Testing as a part of a development

Today the market of digital products is full of various options to any taste and therefore highly competitive. The great supply is provided due to the rising demand. Different technology advancements facilitate numerous processes and make our life easier. We use many of them regularly so life goes online more and more. Developers working in various spheres come up with new ideas and interesting solutions all the time to please picky users with unusual yet helpful digital products. Development processes never stop. However, it is not as simple as it seems. Once the product is built there comes testing.


How to do a page test

Why page test is needed

Software testing is a must in terms of any development process. Regardless of what you are creating – an app, an extension, a game, or just a website, – quality assurance is an essential step you never should ignore. To attract more users and ensure high retention rates you should take time for testing. Building a website? Consider a page test that includes checking accessibility, usability, speed, and tracking dead links. The more complex features a product has the more tests you should do. But we are here to help you out. We provide a set of basic tools needed for a page test. 

Free tools for testing

Install Fintest Pro for free and get down to testing right away. This is a browser extension with a number of great features any QA specialists needs. The best thing is that everything is in one place so you don’t need to look for additional tools. Fintest Pro also allows taking instant screenshots (choose the necessary format in the drop-down menu), recording screen and web camera, adding notes, and comparing files with codes. 

Perform page test

You can get the extension for free or upgrade your plan to Premium or Expert to access advanced software testing features. We regularly update the extension and enrich it with new cool features. You better keep up with us not to miss anything. Want to start a page test now? Just click here, download the extension, and get it started without any downtime!