The development cycle

Software development is a activity related to creating computer software by using one or several specific programming languages. This area is currently at the peak of popularity. Developers all over the globe keep offering efficient and unique solutions to please picky users. Many apps, extensions, games, and other digital products are launched daily. However, not all of them are good enough. To deliver high-quality software that will withstand the competition, it is necessary to complete all the steps of development correctly. What does a development process look like? It usually includes designing, programming, testing, and ongoing maintenance. 



How to do a pagespeed test


How to do a pagespeed test

Quality assurance is a step that one must never skip. It is essential to check the software before its launch. You must make sure it is flawless and works properly. otherwise, you will lose your users. Depending on the digital product type, various tests are needed. But the more complex features there are, the more tests you should do. When managing a website, a pagespeed tests as well as accessibility, usability, and security tests must be done. 

Tools for QA

Software testing experts apply a lot of both advanced and simple tools for quality assurance. to make this process easier for you, we have created a browser extension – Fintest Pro. This is a set of several basic tools for software testing. By utilizing it, you can do a pagespeed test and many more! You no longer have to install numerous apps and extensions because now all the tools you require are in one place. 

More details

This extension facilitates the testing process. It enables making instant screenshots of any required format, recording videos (record screen or your web camera), and adding notes to highlight important data. Additionally, there is a tool for file comparison. Our team constantly updates the extension and enriches it with new top-notch features. Install Fintest Pro for free. To get access to the premium testing tools, upgrade your plan to Premium or expert and make use of the 7-day trial period. Click here and get the extension now.