Tools for software testing

Quality assurance is a crucial part of any development process. The technology industry is developing at an extremely high speed and every day numerous digital products are launched. However, not all of the are high-quality and competitive. Some end up failing due to critical issues and bugs. How do you make sure your software will be able to stand the competition? No matter what you are developing – a game, an application, an extension, or just creating a website – testing must always take place. This will help you locate bugs and make the necessary fixes. Launch software that is flawless and covers the broadest audience possible.



Top-notch qa services


What QA services to use

How do you do testing? To start the QA process one requires special tools or QA services. There are a lot of them but we want to offer the most efficient solution for quality control. We’ve created a browser extension that brings together several basic tools for quality control. Fintest Pro for Chrome allows fast and easy testing. The extension also enables making screenshots of various formats, recording videos (screen or webcam), adding notes, and comparing files with codes. You can save the results to the resource feed or download them as PDF files. 

Free testing

Get top-notch QA services for free. Yes, you can install Fintest Pro for free and get started with the testing right away! We’ve developed a user-friendly interface so you will have no difficulties. There are concise yet clear manuals with all the necessary information about each feature.

Learn more about the extension

Need advanced features? Upgrade your plan to Premium or Expert with a 7-day trial period. We constantly update the extension and enrich it with new exciting features. Enjoy using the most convenient QA services. Keep up with us not to miss anything. Want to start testing right now? Click here to download the extension!