The importance of QC testing

We live in the era of global digitalization and groundbreaking advancements in the technology industry affect every aspect of our life – education, social life, and work in particular. We’ve got quickly used to the Internet and various technologies so we no longer can imagine life without them. These are the things that facilitate numerous processes. If you create a product or provide some kind of service, managing social networks and other useful web-based platforms is a must for you. Online promotion is highly important today as the vast majority of people all over the world spend most of their time online. This approach ensures boosting your brand awareness and attracting a broad audience. 

How to test a website

Have you decided on creating your website? That is an efficient solution for product or service promotion. However, this requires a lot of effort and attention. It does not take you to create a site only. There are a few more crucial tasks you have to complete. Once the website is built you move on to the next step, namely QC testing. Checking whether the pages respond quickly and render the content properly is essential. The site’s overall performance impacts the retention and conversion rates. People expect a site to be user-friendly and easily accessible. If it isn’t, they will abandon it and choose another alternative. Consider, that the market is extremely competitive now so the pool of options is extensive enough.

Tools for QC testing

Make your website fast and easy to navigate so it can attract a lot of users and convert them into your customers. Take time to perform QC testing. Don’t know how to do this? Install Fintest Pro. This is a browser extension for quality assurance. This is a set of the most useful tools for testing. We’ve managed to bring together all the basic tools together to make this process simple for any user. 

More about the service

Utilize Fintest Pro for speed testing, checking accessibility, security, and performance, finding broken links, and file comparison. The extension is regularly updated and enriched with new features. Keep up with us not to miss anything. You can download results as PDF files or save them to the resource feed. The extension is available for free. Those who want to get access to the advanced features can upgrade their plan with a 7-day trial period. Click here to download the extension.