QA as a part of the development process

Currently, we observe the tech industry developing rapidly and making significant advancements. Cutting-edge technologies bring revolution and change our lives drastically. It’s fair to say that life has gone online recently. People all over the globe spend most of their time surfing the Internet and consuming digital products. Developers, in turn, try to catch the wave and please users with new innovative products to any taste. They come up with fresh ideas and interesting solutions all the time. But how to make a product able to stand the competition? One must make sure it’s high-quality via quality assurance.


Basic quality control tools in software testing

What quality control tools in software testing

QA is an essential part of any development process. No matter what kind of software you are working on – a game, a website, an app, an extension, etc. – testing is a must. This is the stage you can never just skip. Delivering a high-quality digital product without any critical issues leads to gaining higher retention and conversion rates. What do you need for quality assurance? You require a set of quality control tools in software testing. And we’ve got good news for you! We’ve managed to bring together the most necessary tools for QA to one place and developed a helpful browser extension.

Easy-to-use browser extension

Install Fintest Pro and get access to the advanced QA tools in software testing. Here are the basic instruments you need for testing accessibility, performance, security, tracking broken links, and comparing files, too. Fintest Pro is popular among software testing experts as the extension allows making instant screenshots, recording videos, recording web camera, and making notes just within the extension. You do not need any additional software. Fintest Pro makes the process of software testing much easier and quicker. 

Perform free testing

The extension is available for free. You can install it and start the testing without downtime. To get the premium features, upgrade your plan to Premium or Expert with a 7-day trial period. Make use of the most convenient quality control tools in software testing. Click here to download the extension.