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Fintest Pro is one of the newest extensions in Google Chrome today. This extension includes a large number of useful functions that in one way or another simplify the user experience with a web page or website. One of these features is the screen capture feature. After the screenshot, the extension offers you a PNG format image, file and file formats. But each user can change the format of the saved images to JPEG or WEBP. When it comes to image quality, JPEG and PNG files appear among the most popular. Many people think PNG is better than JPEG. This is because JPEG files use lossy compression and PNG uses a lossless compression type. However, there are some aspects that make JPEG seem to be a better choice than PNG or vice versa. PNG, JPEG (JPG), and WEBP are widely supported file formats for sharing screenshots on the Internet, as these files can be displayed in all email clients and web browsers. If you’re concerned about storage, JPEG files are best. When it comes to file size, JPEG seems to have an edge because large PNG images usually come with large file sizes, while a JPEG file of similar size can be compressed and thus have a much smaller file size. All in all JPEG and PNG are one of the best among all file formats in the world and that’s why Fintest Pro supports these two formats of file.

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What is more, our company has two more services! One is called eezzee – the service for conversions. You can easily convert one of your PDFs to the format u need or you can convert the wanted file to the PDF format. The second service is called Fintest Software Testing Service. There we are offering you software testing services with guaranteed quality and the best price.