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Why HP?

HP laptops were, are, and will be one of the best laptops in the world. The reason for that is not only the hardware characteristics but also the software and the operating system they use. For example, MacBooks have an operating system called IOS and the HP laptops are on Windows. Windows offers its users a wide range of functionalities that are better than MacBook’s such as macbook screenshot.


How to take a screenshot on windows? HP and Macbook competition

Macbook screenshot is a good way to capture some information on the screen. However, the Windows can suggest you two types of screenshot. Desktop screenshot or area screenshot. To take the desktop screenshot the user needs to click on the “PrtSc” button which is located on the top right corner on your keyboard. After that the screenshot of the entire screen will be copied to the clipboard. The area screenshot is a bit different from the desktop screenshot and from macbook screenshot as well. To take a screenshot of the selected area on Windows the customer should hold the next hotkey combination: “Windows + Shift + S”. Then he/she needs to select the area he/she want to capture. On release, the screenshot will be copied to the clipboard.

Fintest Pro and screenshots

Fintest Pro is an extension that can help its clients to capture information from their screen. Like macbook screenshot and the windows screenshot our tool helps the customers to take different types of screen captures. Firstly, we offer our users to take the desktop screenshot, which captures the entire desktop. Secondly, the customers have a chance to take an area screenshot which is almost similar to the macbook screenshot. And the last type of screenshot is the instant copy which copies the selected area to the clipboard in a matter of seconds.  

All in all, using macbook screenshot or Windows screenshots is not that convenient as using our product. With Fintest Pro you can save a lot of time, spent on useless actions to perform screen capturing.