Why software testing is a MUST

In terms of the new reality, software development is a highly important scope of activity. This affects a lot of various industries and brings significant benefits to them. The software aims to facilitate certain processes and therefore make our life easier. We, in turn, have got used to it quickly. A high demand provides a great supply. Developers all over the world respond respectively by offering new and efficient solutions. Innovative and unique digital products are launched every day. there are so many of them that eyes diverge. However, not all of them are good enough. Due to such high competition rates, it is important to launch a product that is flawless. How do you know your software has no critical issues? Software testing is the process that must take place before launch.



Quick and easy site speed test


Do a site speed test

QA is crucial in terms of any development process. At this stage, quality control experts track bugs and prepare reports which are then given to developers so that they can make the necessary fixes. The process of debugging plays a highly important role. QA is needed not only for apps and games with a number of complex features. Even if you manage a website, you have to do a site speed test, accessibility, usability, security testing, and so on. 

Tools for testing

What do you need for QC? Software testing specialists utilize several tools so we decided to make this process simpler. We’ve created a browser extension for this. This is Fintest Pro – a set of basic tools for testing. These are the useful instruments any tester needs. You can even do a site speed test here! Additionally, the extension allows for making screenshots of a required format, recording screen (there is an option of recording a web camera too), adding notes, and comparing files with codes. All the operations you can perform by using just one extension! 

More about the extension

Save the checking results to the resource feed or download them to your computer as PDF files. It cannot be easier! The extension is available for free. We also offer several advanced features. To get them, upgrade your plan to Premium or Expert and make use of a 7-day trial period. Our team updates the extension regularly and adds new features. Want to get started with the testing now? Click here to download the browser extension!