Consider software QA

The technology industry is developing at such a high speed providing us with groundbreaking advancements. Various software and hardware kinds are created to facilitate the processes we have to cover. These things make our life much easier. Developers all over the world try to catch the wave and create useful and competitive products able to attract customers and reach high rates. However, no matter what software you develop, it takes a good deal of effort, skills, and time. Once the digital product is complete, the next crucial step is quality assurance. 


Software qa – a free set of tools for testing

How to do tests

Quality assurance is an integral part of any development process. Regardless of the digital product you are working on – a website, an app, a video game, or whatever, – testing it for bugs and making the necessary improvements is a must before the product is available for download. Consider that the more complex features the product has the more tests you should do. Software QA matters because it impacts the retention and conversion rates directly.  

A set of tools for QA

Still wonder how to do software QA? We have the answer! We offer the most convenient browser extension – Fintest Pro. Why is it the most optimal option? This is a set of tools for quality control. We’ve managed to bring together some basic software QA tools so you do not need to install numerous apps – everything is in one place. 

Free browser extension

Fintest Pro has the most popular tools for testing you may require. The service allows testing accessibility, performance, and security, tracking broken links, and perform file comparison. Debugging has become much faster and easier! The extension has a user-friendly interface ensuring smooth interaction. By the way, the extension is commonly used by software testers. They like the possibility of taking immediate screenshots, recording screen, and making notes just within one extension. Download the testing results as PDF files or save them to the resource feed so that you can view them later. Get the extension for free or choose either Premium or Expert plan with advanced features. Click here to download the extension.