The importance of software quality assurance

Our life goes online more and more. We observe the process of worldwide digitalization is gaining momentum right now. Innovative technology advancements affect every aspect of our life and work in particular. No matter your industry, promoting and selling products or services only offline is difficult. As a business owner, you should be able to manage social networks and other useful web-based platforms. Consider the creation of your personal website. This will boost your brand awareness, prove your level, and help to attract more new customers. However, creating a website is complex and requires a good deal of knowledge and effort. Your work does not stop once the site is complete. The next step is software quality assurance.

Test web pages for free

Testing your website’s overall performance is highly important as it impacts conversion and retention rates. You have to make sure the site responds quickly and renders the content properly. The pages must be easily accessible so a user has no difficulties while interacting. That is why software quality assurance is a must. This is an integral part of the whole development process. 

Tools for software quality assurance

Having such an extensive pool of options, users tend to be quite picky these days. They don’t want to waste their time and wait for a long. In case a website does not perform satisfactorily, users will abandon it and move on to the next one immediately. To avoid losing clients take time for software quality assurance. We provide a free set of tools for QA. 

More about the extension

Fintest Pro is an easy-to-use browser extension for software quality assurance. It has everything you need in one place. This extension allows testing accessibility, security, performance, tracking broken links, and more. You can compare files. If required, save results to the resource feed for later viewing. Do you want to access advanced features? Upgrade your plan with a 7-day trial period and make use of the premium testing tools!
In case of any other questions, contact our Support operators and get all the answers. Click here to download the extension.