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Windows has always been known for its easy and helpful user interaction with the operating system. Windows has a huge amount of function which in one or another way can help or simplify the customer’s work. One of those features is an opportunity to take a screenshot. In Windows, you have two ways of taking the screenshot.

The first feature is to take screenshot using the print screen button. This function will capture the entire user’s screen and copy the picture to the clipboard. The second ability to take a screenshot is by holding a combination of keys: Win + Shift + S. This function will give the client an opportunity to capture a screen of the selected area and after releasing will copy it to the clipboard as well.

Take a screenshot on windows

Take a screenshot in Fintest Pro

Fintest Pro also has a screenshot-taking feature in its functionality. Using our extension the customer can take the desktop screenshot, the area screenshot, and the instant copy screenshot. With the desktop screenshot, the user can capture the entire screen. What is more, he/she can select the desktop he/she wants to capture. With area screenshots, the client is given the ability to take a screenshot of the selected area with no afford. Finally, the last type of screenshot – instant copy. Allows customers to take a screenshot of the selected area that instantly copies to the clipboard.

Benefits of using our product

One of the biggest benefits of using our web service is that it is absolutely free. You do not need to sign in or sign up to Fintest Pro. All you need to do is just to click on the “Take screenshot” button and select the type of screenshot you need to take. After doing this just enjoy the process which provides you with an opportunity to take a screenshot and if the user wants, to edit it.