Why QA is a MUST

It is mind-blowing how quickly the world is getting digitized now. Technology advancements interfere with various fields and affect them to a certain extent. Today running a business – whatever your industry is –  is impossible without promoting it online. Now leading a promotional campaign on various social networks is a must. That is why you should pay great attention to your website creation.

How to test my website

Creating your website is just half the battle. You must test it regularly and ensure all the pages open and respond quickly and represent the necessary content. Why is this crucial? Your website performance impacts retention rates and your audience’s overall impression. Looking for easy-to-use and free tools for QA? We offer to install Fintest Pro – this extension brings together all the basic necessary tools to check the website accessibility. 


Test my website regularly

How do I test my website? Make use of Fintest Pro – a feature-rich browser extension to help you audit your website quickly, easily, and quite efficiently. The extension provides several useful tools including a link checker. Testing web pages for dead links is essential to ensure good website performance and maximum user satisfaction. It is important to understand how users interact with the site and make sure they can do it easily. Detect bugs and make necessary fixes on time!

More details

Fintest Pro helps me test my website! By using this browser extension, you can perform a variety of operations in a few clicks only! We offer you the most convenient tool for tracking broken links on web pages. You can get this browser extension for free and without registration. If you require advanced features, you can upgrade your plan to access the premium tools. Interested? Go to our website and learn more! In case of any more questions, contact our operators and receive all the answers asap! Click here and download the extension