Consider Quality Assurance

As time goes on, our life goes online more. We are lucky to watch how quickly the tech industry is developing and how its groundbreaking advancements are turning the entire world upside down. Innovations get involved in every aspect of our life. Most of them are developed to facilitate certain processes. However, we all need to get used to the new reality and learn how to manage it properly. If you create a product or offer services, you should consider online promotion. This will help you to reach a broader audience and attract customers easier. For this, create a website. This complex process requires a lot of effort and skills, and the work does not stop once the site is complete.


Advanced tools used in qa for free

What tools used in QA

Thorough quality checking follows the site creation. QA is an essential step in terms of any software development. Making sure your website performs smoothly, responds quickly, and the pages render the content correctly is a MUST. This impacts the retention and conversion rates to a significant extent. With such an extensive pool of options, users tend to be picky. Instead of wasting their time and waiting they will just move on to an alternative. So what tools used in QA that you require?

Check a website quickly

The process of QA consists of several necessary tests including performance, security, and accessibility testing. Additionally, you should track broken links regularly and make essential improvements. To make everything easier for you, we’ve brought the basic tools used in QA to one place. Now you can install one browser extension – Fintest Pro – and use various instruments for quality checking. 

Free tools used in QA

Get tools used in QA for free! With this convenient browser extension, everyone can test a website without any difficulties. It’s not only testing! File comparison is available. We constantly update the extension and add new features. However, we also have Premium and Expert plans for those who need advanced tools. Upgrade your plan, get a 7-day trial period, and access the premium features. Click here to download the extension now!