We’re thrilled to introduce our latest software release, packed with exciting updates to enhance your user experience. First and foremost, we’ve extended the trial period for our new users, now giving you a generous 14 days to explore and utilize our extensive feature set. In addition to this, we’ve revamped our Webpage Checker, now known as Visual Regression, and introduced an innovative strategy – Visual Comparison.

The Visual Comparison strategy empowers testers to capture snapshots of web page and web application user interfaces, allowing for seamless comparisons between different versions. As applications evolve, you can effortlessly identify and verify changes, ensuring unwanted alterations are kept at bay. Our visual comparison tool is compatible with various viewports, including mobile, tablet, and a range of screen resolutions.

Visual Comparison is a valuable addition to the Visual Regression checker, specifically designed to spotlight UI/UX updates, validate modifications, and pinpoint anomalies. It works seamlessly alongside our other two strategies, Visual Text and HTML, guaranteeing top-notch application quality and comprehensive context monitoring throughout the production cycle. This release is geared towards making your testing process smoother and more efficient, and we can’t wait for you to explore these exciting new features!