The importance of software testing

The growing demand for new digital products provides a large supply. This relates to various industries. Developers all over the world come up with new ideas and offer unique yet interesting solutions. They launch a lot of products to satisfy the needs of users though it may be a real challenge today. Having such an extensive pool of options, users tend to be especially picky. How to create a product able to stand the competition? You must make sure it is high-quality and flawless. This is done in the process of software testing.


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How to do testing

Launching software without rigorous testing is definitely a mistake. An application, extension, game, or whatever delivered with critical issues is more likely to fail. Before your digital product is available for download you have to test its accessibility, usability, performance, security, etc. Consider that the more complex features the software has the more tests you should do. To simplify the testing process we offer advanced visual QA tools. 

Free visual QA tools

We’ve built an easy-to-use browser extension with several basic visual QA tools. Fintest Pro is extremely helpful in terms of software testing. Now testing is quicker and much easier. Utilize this extension and take instant screenshots (you can select the required format), record screen and web camera, add notes to highlight any crucial information, and compare files with codes. All the tools are in one place so you do not need to apply any more apps. The results obtained can be downloaded as PDF files or saved to the resource feed for later view. 

Get the extension

You can get the visual QA tools for free. Install Fintest Pro and get down to testing immediately. In case you require advanced features you can upgrade your plan and get a 7-day trial period. Our main goal is to provide users with useful and convenient service. that is why we constantly update the extension and enrich it with new features. We make testing simple. Are there any other questions? Reach our Support operators to get the answers. Click here and download the extension now.