The importance of QA

Digitalization takes over numerous industries and affects various aspects of our life. We spend most of our time surfing the Internet and using digital products developed to facilitate many processes. The rising demand results in a more excellent supply. Developers all over the globe offer new top-notch solutions and deliver advanced products to satisfy the pickiest customer’s needs. But delivering high-quality products that can stand the competition is not an easy task. It is a time- and effort-consuming process that requires not only development but also testing. 

How to do web accessibility testing

Quality assurance is the part of any development cycle that one can never skip. No matter what kind of software you are working on you cannot launch it without testing. The market is highly competitive today so a product must be flawless in order to reach a high rate and achieve a large number of downloads. The more complex features software has the more tests you should do. It is necessary to perform usability, security, web accessibility testing, and many more depending on the type of software. 


How to do web accessibility testing

Free tools for testing

We know how to make QA easier and faster. For this, we’ve built a browser extension. This is Fintest Pro – a set of basic tools for software testing. The service is most popular among QA specialists. With this extension, web accessibility testing and others are done without any difficulties. And the extension has a few more useful features like file comparison, broken links tracker, screenshot maker, etc. Testers can take instant screenshots by selecting the required format, record screen or webcam, and add notes by utilizing only one extension. No additional apps are needed. Results can be downloaded as PDF files or saved to the resource feed. 

More about the extension

Get the tools for web accessibility testing for free. You can install Fintest Pro and start the testing without any downtime. Additionally, we have advanced features. For this, upgrade your plan to Premium or Expert with a 7-day trial period. We constantly upgrade the extension and add more new features. Click here to install Fintest Pro right now.