Testing in software development

Software development is currently gaining momentum. The tech industry is developing rapidly and a great demand leads to the corresponding supply. It integrates into various other spheres and brings benefits. Technology advancements facilitate numerous processes and therefore make our life easier. Developers offer unique and exciting solutions to satisfy users’ needs. Right now the software development process is permanent. However, it’s not always that simple. The development consists of several crucial stages which can not be skipped. Testing is among them.



What is a web speed test


What is a web speed test?

Is QA necessary for the development? Yes, it is. Launching a digital product without testing is definitely not a good idea. It may turn out a failure. The market is highly competitive these days so it takes a lot of time and effort to create a product that will stand the competition, reach high rates and appeal to users. To ensure your product is of sufficient quality, you must do testing. If you manage a website, you should regularly check accessibility, usability, performance, and security, do a web speed test, track dead links, etc. Your task is to ensure the site responds quickly, translates the content appropriately, and is easy to navigate. Otherwise, users will abandon it and move on to a better alternative.

Tools for web speed test

How is a web speed test done? Quality assurance specialists use a lot of tools for testing. We make this process easier with Fintest Pro. This is a browser extension providing a set of tools for software testing. There are tools useful for QA experts. They can make instant screenshots of the required format, record their screen or web camera, add notes, and compare files with codes. Save the results to the resource feed or download as PDF files.

About the extension

You can get the tools for testing for free. install Fintest Pro and start the work without any downtime. in case you need advanced features, upgrade your plan to Premium or Expert with a 7-day trial period. We make the service convenient for you. Our team constantly updates the extension and adds more exciting features. Follow us not to miss anything. Click here to install Fintest Pro now.