The new version of the extension adds an exciting list of new features.

Accessibility Enhancements
We are expanding our accessibility capability by adding support for AXE. AXE is a well known industry standard in accessibility testing design to help design systems that are available to anyone. With AXE, users can now choose to receive immediate feedback on accessibility of a given page and action any improvements. Support for an accessibility scan by Google continues so now users have more options.

Link Checker Comparison
We continue improving the functionality of our link checker by offering users the ability to compare test results across multiple scans. As developers fix broken links or address defects, recurring scans can now be compared to previous ones to ensure web sites are healthy.

Error Tracker
Our newest tool in our suite is an error tracker that lets users test web applications while the tracker captures and saves errors seemlessly. The tracker scans for network and application errors and warnings and saves them for review by testers. These errors can be saved and send to developers for analysis.

Additionally, we addressed several bugs that were reported by users to increase application stability.