Why should you choose Fintest Pro? Fintest Pro is one of the most convenient tools for regular users. The extension has a user-friendly interface, useful functionality, it is multilingual and supports more than five integrations including the popular connections, such as Google Drive, Slack, Jira, Github, Trello, Telegram, and Box. Useful functionality includes a lot of helpful tools like screenshot capture, screen recording, note adding, and running tests with useful test tools. The product contains a wide variety of tools in editor mode (the mode where you can edit the screenshot). You can add shapes, text, emojis, it is possible to crop and blur selected areas, and of course, you can save the edited screenshot locally in the browser, which is very convenient.  Recording your screen is also a very useful function that allows users to capture all the information they want into a single video and share it with others. Moreover, there is a simple notes tool that allows you to add comments whenever and wherever you need. Besides, there are a few test tools that will help customers test the web pages they need to. Our list of test tools (checkers) includes link checker, file comparison, baseline checker, accessibility checker, security checker, and performance checker. Each of these checkers will help users to check the webpage and analyze it.