Ability to take a screenshot

The ability to add text to a screenshot has always been one of the most needed features of any web service or software that allows you to take screenshots. Why? Because the text can point to something, or comment on something that is shown in the screenshot. Fintest Pro also allows users to use the add text feature when working with a screenshot.

Area screenshot - adding text

Fintest Pro Extension

With our extension, you have a wide range of possibilities in the field of working with it. For example, the ability to change the color, font, and size of the text. However, in the screenshot of the selected area, the user is offered only the ability to add text and change its color. To use the functions mentioned above, the client must switch to the editor mode. We had discussed it in the articles earlier.

So, in order to add text using the screenshot function of the selected part of the screen, the user needs to select the desired area on the monitor, after which, to the right of it will be a toolbar, among which there will be an intuitive button – “Add Text”. Clicking on it will change the cursor to “text”. That means that the user can add text. To do this, simply click on the desired part of the selected area. After this, the area will appear surrounded by a dotted line around. This is where the user can enter the desired writings.

Advantages of using our product

One of the advantages of using Fintest Pro is that when you reach the edge of the selected area, the text automatically moves to the next line. However, he can press the key combination “Shift + Enter” and go to the bottom of the page. To add text to the screenshot, the user needs to click on any part of the selected area or press the “Enter” key on the keyboard.

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