The clipboard is an intermediate data storage located in the RAM of a computer, phone, or any other mobile device. This temporary storage is actively used by programs and applications in order to copy and transfer information. To work with the clipboard, such basic operations are used as: copy, cut, and paste. They can be used to copy a link, text, table, photo, and other files. In this case, you can insert data as many times as you like, since the data in the buffer is stored until they are replaced with new ones. More precisely, the data in the storage is not replaced with new ones but follows one after another in the sequence in which the operations were performed. At the same time, you can view them and access them. The data can be found in a special system file. Fintest Pro also allows its users to copy data to the clipboard. Consider in more detail a screenshot of the selected area. Wouldn’t it be convenient, after the client has selected the desired part of the screen, by pressing one button to immediately add a screenshot to the clipboard, without saving it to the resource panel? Definitely so! We offer the user to instantly copy the selected area, which will be used for its purposes in the future. This feature will significantly save the user’s time spent on meaningless clicks.

What is more, our company has two more services! One is called eezzee – the service for conversions. You can easily convert one of your PDFs to the format u need or you can convert the wanted file to the PDF format. The second service is called Fintest Software Testing Service. There we are offering you software testing services with guaranteed quality and the best price.