Hello! Today I want to tell you about a screenshot of the selected area, namely the area itself and its size. At first glance, the size of the screenshot does not matter but working with Fintest Pro in the test market, you may face the problem of screen size. It’s no secret that some companies only accept screenshots of fixed sizes. What is more, if the user suddenly needs to know the size of the screenshot or the selected area and there is no software at hand to help determine this, the user will have to spend precious time to find a solution to this problem, for example, to go to the web-page and screenshot it. That is why our team offers its users to use the feature that instantly determines the size of the screenshot. This property is in the screenshot of the selected area. After selecting the desired part of the screen, the client can notice its size (width and height, respectively) in the upper left corner of the screen above the selected area. In addition, the user is given the opportunity to freely resize the selected area, and move the selected part of the screen while holding down the left mouse button. All in all, our developers do everything as long as it is convenient and pleasant for the user to work with Fintest Pro and its functionality.

What is more, our company has two more services! One is called eezzee – the service for conversions. You can easily convert one of your PDFs to the format u need or you can convert the wanted file to the PDF format. The second service is called Fintest Software Testing Service. There we are offering you software testing services with guaranteed quality and the best price.