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  • Attention! If you are an entrepreneur, this information will be useful for you. It does not matter in what industry you are working, because today everything moves online. Recently the Internet has become a powerful many-sided platform that provides us with so many opportunities. It really makes our life much easier as long as we learn its rules and play by them. Now it is literally impossible to succeed in case you do not promote your services or product or whatever you are doing on the Internet, in various social networks. It is all about digital marketing and let’s face it – one cannot do without it. Take a screenshot screenshot on mac

What is a broken link checker chrome

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  • What is your very first step in starting an online business? Obviously, you have to create your own website. Do not worry – it is not that difficult. You can do a simple one by yourself or ask specialists for help. However, when the site is complete, your work does not stop. There is a long list of things you are to do further. Consider, that your task is to regularly check the website in order to ensure it works as it is supposed to. There are numerous testing types you should conduct. Here is when you need a broken link checker chrome. This will be quite helpful. See our other functions how to take screenshot in laptop
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  • Is a bad link checker really necessary? Yes, it is. We keep on repeating it – testing web pages for dead links is the operation you should never skip. This way you can find out whether there are any bugs, how easily users interact with the web pages, whether it functions perfectly well, etc. The checking will show you what fixes you must make. To capture the screen how to take screenshot in laptop

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  • Are you still in search of a tool for tracking dead links on a website? Good news for you! we recommend you install Fintest Pro bad link checker. You can get it for free and without registration. If you want to try premium features, there is a free trial period before buying. We are sure you will like it, because using this Chrome browser extension is so easy. You will find more information in our blog. Users read here how to screenshot on ipad