How to screenshot on computer

With a progress of technologies nowadays every second person in the world has a computer or at least a gadget. Sometimes, there is a need to send some information to your colleagues or friends but there is no way you can do it. Do you know how to screenshot on computer? Doing this small step will help you a lot. With the screenshot function you can share the information needed with your coworkers in seconds. What is more, it doesn’t require any additional software to capture your screen.


How to screenshot on computer

Steps and instructions

So to take a screenshot on your PC you need to press the Print Screen button on the keyboard. Doing that will capture your entire screen and copy the taken screenshot to the clipboard. The clipboard is a place where all the copied files are stored. To use the screenshot, the customer needs to paste it wherever he/she needs. In addition, there is one more way of how to screenshot on computer using hotkeys. To do that, press and hold “Windows + Shift + S” combination. After that select the area you need and the snapshot of that area will be copied to the clipboard as well.

Using Fintest Pro

Fintest Pro also helps clients to discover how to screenshot on computer. With our web-service the users have an opportunity to capture their screens with 3 screenshot types. First one and the most common one is a desktop screenshot. This type of screenshot helps you to capture your entire screen. Second type of screen capturing is area screenshot. You can capture the desired part of the display with it. The third and the last type is an instant copy capturing that copies the taken screenshot to the clipboard on release. Moreover, our tool provides the customers with an ability to edit the taken screenshot. Hope this article answered your question: “How to screenshot on computer?”.