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Print screen Windows 10

Have you ever faced a problem when you need to print screen Windows 10 but you have no idea how to do it? In this article I want to present to you a couple of ways of how to capture your screen with a little afford and absolutely free. What is more, I want to inform you how to take a screenshot with “Print Screen” button and with a help of an additional software.


Print screen Windows 10

How to capture the screen?

So to take a screenshot with Windows the customer needs to locate the Print screen Windows 10 button. It is situated on the top right corner of the user’s keyboard. Then, he/she needs to press it. After doing that the capture of the display will be copied to the clipboard. To use the screenshot just paste it wherever you need. In addition, there is a second way of how to take a screenshot on the computer. To take it the client needs to press the hotkey combo “Windows + Shift + S”. However, this type of screenshot will not capture your entire screen, but only a part of it. After capturing the image will be copied to the clipboard as well.

Fintest Pro extension

With Fintest Pro extension it is possible to take a screenshot absolutely free and extremely fast. Our product offers its customers three types of screenshot. The first type is a desktop screenshot, second type is an area screenshot, and the last one is an instant copy screenshot. Each of the mentioned types has its own advantages, but all of them replace the Print Screen Windows 10 function. That is because they are way faster while executing. Although, Fintest Pro provides you with an opportunity to edit the taken screenshot in the editor mode, and we think that it is awesome