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  • It is not a secret that the Internet is a huge and extremely powerful platform for running any business. It is all-inclusive and adjustable according to your needs. No matter what your industry is, you can make your business partially or completely online and promote it successfully. But before you start, you must learn all the slightest details about the platform and the possibilities it provides. Find out the advantages as well as drawbacks. Running a business online is not a simple task, but once you define the correct strategy and find effective means, you can certainly do that! Take a screenshot screenshot on mac

Find a broken link easily

Why testing a website is important

  • If you are a website owner, you have to ensure the highest quality of your service. Regular website checking is a must-have. Testing web pages or websites for a broken link is what you need often to do. Bad links are bad for your business. They have a negative impact on your results. But how do you know whether there are broken links on your site? Use a service for tracking them down and fix it before the problem becomes critical. See our other functions how to take screenshot in laptop
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  • In case you have no idea how to check web pages, we recommend you install Fintest Pro. This is a browser extension that will quickly find all the non-working links for you. It will take you up to a few seconds. After the checking there goes fixing broken links. This process is of the highest importance, because dead links not only deter users from staying on, but also negatively impact you search engine rankings. To capture the screen how to take screenshot in laptop

More details about our service

  • Our team works hard to give you the best service ever. Checking web pages with Fintest Pro is quick and simple. The interface is user-friendly, so it does not take to be an IT specialist to understand how to work with this tool. For more information, contact our Support operators. They will happily answer all your questions! Users read here how to screenshot on ipad