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  • Running a business online is a common thing today. Any entrepreneur knows that it is impossible to sell successfully without promoting your products or services on the Internet. There are a lot of opportunities and options regardless of what kind of industry you are working at. Make use of various social networks and platforms to inform users about your offer. You can also create your own website. However, in such a case you should take into account several important factors. Take a screenshot screenshot on mac

google link checker for tracking bad links

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  • Your number one task is to make sure your website works perfectly well. You need to check whether it is easy to use and also visually attractive for users. One more necessary step is a broken link test. This one must never be skipped. You have to regularly test your website for broken links and other bugs. Remember that they impact the user experience negatively. This will lead to losing customers. See our other functions how to take screenshot in laptop
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  • In order to attract more new customers and get a higher retention rate, you should track dead links. For this, use a google link checker. We have created a convenient tool for you. With the Fintest Pro link checker, you can check all the backlinks on your site easily. It will take you up to a few seconds. Then you can save the summary as a PDF file. Results can be compared here, too. If necessary, save the results to the feed for later viewing. To capture the screen how to take screenshot in laptop

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  • This link checker has numerous advantages. We allow installing it for free and without registration. The interface is user-friendly. You can take a look at the manual to figure out how the testing is done. There is all the necessary information. In case you have more questions, contact our Support operators any time you need to. They will help you and provide all the answers. Users read here how to screenshot on ipad