Capturing screen

  • The twenty-first century is a period of rapidly developing technologies and innovations. This is an integral part of everybody’s life now. We no longer can even imagine the world without the global network. The Internet has become a real necessity for everyone. It is involved into educational and working processes. The Internet is also an essential part of the process of socialization. The network allows keeping in touch with people from all over the world. You can contact anyone in a matter of seconds with the help of messages, video calls, etc. take a screenshot how to take a screenshot on laptop

capturing screenScreenshots and videos

  • It cannot be denied that the Internet is a huge and powerful platform that opens a lot of opportunities. Today we have the possibility to work and study remotely. Thus, we complete all the tasks from home. That is so convenient, isn’t it? But in such conditions, it is important to maintain contact with colleagues, especially if you work as a part of a team. If you have a problem with a task, how do you share it with others? Show your co-workers what you can see on your screen. Here capturing screen is what you should do. See our other functions screenshot on dell
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Taking screenshots with Fintest Pro

  • There are so many methods to take a screenshot or record a video. The Internet provides a wide range of useful services for capturing screen. Do you want to take screenshots, record videos, and then edit them? Instead of installing numerous apps for each operation, we recommend you choose Fintest Pro. This is a user-friendly browser extension that has all the necessary features. There are also several premium features. You have to pay to get access to them. However, it is also possible to work with Fintest Pro for free and without registration. To capture the screen screenshot on windows 10

Other features

  • Fintest Pro enables not only capturing screen. Edit your screenshots or video recordings by adding various shapes, emojis, or text. Save them in different formats. Do you have any questions? Our operators are working to help you anytime you need it. Users read here how to screenshot on hp laptop