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Print screen laptop

  • We live in such a digitized world where everything changes rapidly. Numerous fields, especially the technological field, are constantly developing. We have already got used to studying, working, and even communicating with others online. Remote working is very popular nowadays. More and more people opt for it. take a screenshot how to take a screenshot on laptop

Do you know how to share information with others?

  • While being far away from your co-workers you still have to keep in touch with them regularly. If you need to share a piece of information with someone, there is a simple and fast way. Take a screenshot and share it in a few seconds only. Do you know how to print screen laptop? Read this article and find out about it. In order to print screen, choose the Fintest Pro extension. See our other functions how to screenshot on hp laptop
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print screen laptopWhat is Fintest Pro?

  • This is an easy-to-use tool, which allows taking screenshots, recording audio and video, and even running tests on certain web pages. It is useful not only for QA specialists but also for any common user. This extension saves time as well as money. You can choose between a free and paid version. The paid version has certain advanced features. To capture the screen screenshot

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  • With the help of Fintest Pro, it is extremely easy to print screen laptop. The process will take you about a few seconds only. Capture data and share it in a few clicks. If you select the free-of-charge version, you do not need to register. There are no personal accounts. Choose the type of screenshot: the whole desktop, a selected area, instant copy, or a screenshot of a long web page. Then you can edit the images and save them in the following formats: WEBP, JPEG, PNG. We ensure privacy and provide users with the best service for to print screen laptop. Users read here how to screenshot on hp laptop