Content: Read how to add watermark to photos

Read how to add watermark to photos

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  • The Internet is a huge and powerful platform that opens a lot of opportunities for us. It makes our life much easier. The global network has already become an integral part of our reality. Now it is impossible to conduct numerous working processes without having access to the Internet. Today a lot of operations go online. Due to the situation in the whole world, students must study from home and attend online lectures. Most people also opt for working remotely. That saves a lot of time. Take a screenshot screenshot on mac

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The best service for capturing screen

  • When you need to share information with somebody immediately, you take a screenshot and send it. However, when you click “PrtSc”, you capture the whole screen. There is a lot of redundant information on your screenshot. You need to get rid of it. How do you do this? Edit the screenshot in a few clicks. For this, you look for a service that allows not only taking a screenshot but also editing it. You no longer need to install numerous apps just to complete this operation. For this, we recommend installing Fintest Pro. Users also want to know how to add watermark to photos. See our other functions how to take screenshot in laptop
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Add logo to a picture

  • We offer the most convenient service for taking screenshots, recording videos, and editing them if necessary. Fintest Pro is a browser extension that provides a variety of useful editing tools. Add logo, emojis, or shapes. Apply filters or blurring effect while editing pictures. Find out how to add watermark to photos easily. Before saving an image to your computer, select one of the available formats. To capture the screen how to screenshot on ipad

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  • We do our best to give users an easy-to-use extension. We have designed a user-friendly interface. Our customers are not only software testing specialists, but also common users. We ensure a simple and quick process here. Add logo to a screenshot in a matter of seconds here. To get more information, contact our Support operators. Users read here how to screenshot in laptop