How to screenshot

  • How do you make screenshots? We know you do not like that long process of taking a screenshot, copying it, then editing. It takes time, doesn’t it? You do not want to waste your precious time but do everything quickly. It is possible now with the help of our extension. If you are interested, then go on reading this blog post and find out how to take a screenshot just in a matter of seconds. It cannot be easier! Now you can forget about installing numerous applications – our extension compiles a lot of useful functions into one single app. Whether you are a specialist or a common user – this tool is perfect for you. Now, let us give you more details about the instrument we have developed. Learn how to take a screenshot by using it. take a screenshot how to take screenshots on laptop

How to screenshotRead how to work with this web-based tool

  • Our main goal is to provide users with the most convenient extension. Everyone can use it. We will show you how to make screenshots without any difficulties. Have you already installed the application? Great! Then you can see the logo in the upper right corner of the screen. If necessary, pin the extension by clicking on the corresponding icon. This way you will not lose it and will be able to find the extension quickly when it is needed. See our other functions screenshot
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Now let us figure out how to screenshot here

  • First, go to the menu and select the leftmost option with the camera image. You can capture either the entire screen or a specific area only. The screenshot is made immediately. After that, download the picture, copy it to the clipboard, or save it to the resource feed. It is also possible to edit the picture you have taken. To capture the screen how to take screenshots on hp laptop

What advantages are provided

  • Still do not know how to take screenshots in the easiest way? Our extension does exactly what you need! Use it for free and without registration. We do not require users to create personal accounts. We have designed an easy-to-use interface so anyone can work with this tool. Users read here macbook screenshot