Content: Use this tool to add watermark logos

Use this tool to add watermark logos

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  • Users look for easy and quick ways to take screenshots and edit them later. They do it numerous times each day therefore do not want to waste time and apply a lot of various applications. They want to find a service that combines all these necessary features. Not only IT specialists need it. It is a basic tool that every user uses all the time. For example, students need a convenient tool for screen recording, so that they will be able to record online classes to rewatch them later. We have exactly what people need. In this article, we are going to tell you about a cool extension for screenshot capturing. Take a screenshot screenshot on mac

Watermark logos - easy to create

How it works

  • We have developed an easy-to-use Chrome browser extension for taking screenshots and recording videos. Here users also can edit pictures. It will take you up to a few seconds. We have several useful editing tools. Add watermark logos, emojis, text, and numbered labels in the process of editing. Recently we have added an option of filters. In case there are elements you do need on your screenshots you can apply a blurring effect. See our other functions how to take screenshot in laptop
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See how to put a watermark on a photo

  • We provide you the best service. Here editing screenshots is so quick and simple. Find out how to put a watermark on a photo in a few clicks. Add a logo to your picture and make it unique. Users also want to know how to remove watermarks for free. To capture the screen how to take screenshot in laptop

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  • Our clients are people of various professions because Fintest Pro is so convenient. The interface is user-friendly. There are language options, too. You can share results immediately with the help of integration such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Telegram. This extension can make your working process much easier! For more information go to our blog. Users read here how to screenshot on ipad