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Cut video editor online

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  • We are so lucky to live in the period of global worldwide digitization. The world around us is changing rapidly, and these changes are drastic. We have no other way out but to get used to them. In fact, they really make our life simpler and help to solve numerous problems quicker. The Internet is the greatest breakthrough! It provides us with a lot of opportunities. For example, today most people study and work from home. Yes, you can get an education remotely. All you need for this is a computer and access to the Internet. Take a screenshot screenshot on mac

Cut video editor

Trim a video for free and online with our intuitive and easy-to-use video cutter tool. … You don’t need special video editing skills to use the tool

Service for recording videos

  • What do students on distance learning often want to do? They try to record online lectures in case they cannot be present for some reason. Therefore, they can watch or rewatch the lecture later. If you are still looking for a convenient service that allows recording videos, install Fintest Pro. You will forget about using numerous apps just to save or send a video or a screenshot. This browser extension has all the necessary features. It provides a cut video editor, too. See our other functions screenshot on hp
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Edit screenshots and use the cut video editor

  • Choosing Fintest Pro will be your best solution. Here it is easy to take a screenshot or record a video. This is done in a few clicks only. In addition, you can select the types of a screenshot, and record your screen or webcam. Turn the sound on or off. Work with the cut video editor and trim your video to make it shorter. If necessary, edit your screenshots by adding shapes, emojis, or text. This way you will highlight important data. Save your file in one of the available formats. To capture the screen screenshot on laptop

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  • We give our users the best service for capturing screen. It is useful for both a common user and a software tester. However, if you do not need premium features, you can install the extension for free and without registration. We designed an easy-to-use interface. Do you have more questions? Click “Support” to contact our operators. Users read here screenshot on computer