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    • Content: How to screenshot on hp laptop

How to screenshot on hp laptop

      • Nowadays, HP laptops are known as ones of the best laptops in the world. Their operating system is Windows. However, they can support Linux if needed. In this article I will show our customers how to screenshot on hp and what are the benefits of capturing your screen with the system screenshots and using another tools. What is more, I will introduce Fintest Pro browser extension to you. take a screenshot how to take a screenshot on laptop

Taking a screenshot with Windows

      • As I mentioned, HP laptops usually use Windows operating system. In this paragraph I will review in details all the methods of how to screenshot on hp laptop with Windows. So, first way is a simple and the most common one – by pressing the “Print Screen” button. After doing that the captured desktop will be copied to the clipboard. Second way of how to screenshot on laptop is to press the hotkey combination: “Windows + Shift + S”. Doing this will allow you to take a screenshot of the needed part of your screen. See our other functions screenshot
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How to screenshot on HP laptop

Fintest Pro extension

      • With Fintest Pro the user has a wide range of opportunities. From three screenshots types to an ability to edit it. So we offer our clients three types of screen capture. First type is a desktop screenshot, second one is area screenshot and the third is instant copy screenshot. Instant copy capturing allows users to copy the captured screen to the clipboard immediately after selecting an area without saving it on the customer’s laptop. To capture the screen how to screenshot on hp laptop

Why us

      • First and the most major reason of why the users need to choose our extension is that it’s absolutely free. Of course, we have some premium features, but to take and edit screenshot you do not need to pay. Second reason of why you should install Fintest Pro is an ability to add different shapes, text, emojis, draw on the screenshot, crop and blur its parts. Hopefully, this article answers the “screenshot on hp laptop” question. Users read here macbook screenshot