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Online screen recorder

  • Are you for or against remote work and distance learning? Today it is our reality. A lot of people are now forced to complete all the tasks just from home. In fact, most of them find it very comfortable. Working from home saves you time and to some extent money. There are so many benefits. All you need is a desktop or laptop and a stable Internet connection. This is one of the great opportunities the Internet provides. take a screenshot how to take a screenshot on laptop

Share information immediately

  • If you opt for remote work you need to take several things into consideration. It is very important to maintain contact with your coworkers. You need to communicate and share various information constantly. How do you do this? The best way to share a piece of information via the Internet is to send a screenshot or video. For this, find an easy-to-use online screen recorder. Do you know what service to use? See our other functions how to screenshot on hp laptop
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online screen recorderFintest Pro

  • If you are still looking for the best online screen recorder then Fintest Pro is exactly what you need. This is a convenient service for taking screenshots and recording videos. Fintest Pro is a browser extension that allows users to capture the screen in a few clicks only. In addition, they can also edit screenshots and videos later. Add different shapes, emojis, or text. Save screenshots as pictures in WEBP, JPEG, and PNG, or as PDF files. Videos can be recorded with sound on or off and downloaded in WEBM, MKV, and MP4. Make use of the available integrations. By the way, soon there will be more integrations. To capture the screen screenshot

More advantages

  • This online screen recorder is available for free and without registration. Those, who want to try premium features, can upgrade the plan. Fintest Pro is supported on various browsers. The interface is user-friendly, users can switch languages. In case you have problems, click Support to contact our operators. Users read here how to screenshot on hp laptop